I use a variety of tools to make sharing files and sending payment easy and hassle free.





Visit and click the “Free Download” link to the right of the screen. Follow the directions. NOTE: Be sure to unclick the add-ons if you don’t want them. Also, make sure to download the converter when the prompts indicate. Once downloaded there will be no program to open.


Follow the tutorial below to effectively use your new converter.

1. Start with your ASC II file.

2. Click on File in the upper left - hand corner. Click Print .

3. Select CutePdf Writer (highlighted below in blue). Click Print.

4. Select the file you would like to save your new .pdf document in using the Save in drop-down menu. Rename the file using the File name text box. Keep the .pdf after the file name to ensure proper formatting.

5. Exit your ASCII file and find the file you saved your new .pdf document in. Open the new .pdf document.